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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, popularly known as CR7 (Jersey no 7) is a professional football player who is the captain of the Portugal national team. At present, he is representing the Manchester United club. Ronaldo is considered arguably the greatest footballer on the earth.  There are millions of fans out there who love him and cherish him. We all know how popular he is and in the history of football.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Unique style!

Cristiano Ronaldo was born in Madeira, Portugal. His father was a drunkard and died at the age of 52 in the year 2005. So Ronaldo decided not to drink cocaine often. He has a unique style of playing that always attracts his fans globally. When you look at his style of playing, he is basically a right-foot player and equally strong in his weak foot. Ronaldo is well known for his powerful strikes, knuckle free kicks, and jumping headers. He is often considered a crucial match-winner when it comes to knock-out stages. The only arch-rival in the same era is Lionel Messi(Argentine Footballer).

The Beginning of the Greatest Football Player!

Ronaldo’s professional football career started with his national club Sporting Lisbon, where he did not have a great time.  Ronaldo appeared 25 in matches but scored merely 3 goals. This did not deter him from persuading his passion. He worked hard and came across many hurdles to be successful in his life. The position he is in today is a result of his consistent hard work. The golden era of his career began when he signed the contract of the English biggest football club Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s First Trophy!

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first trophy came when United defeated Millwall in the FA Cup final. In the year 2007, Ronaldo tasted the first major premier league trophy. In the same season, Manchester United won football’s highest crown UEFA champions league. He played a key role in the final scoring a much-needed goal against Chelsea where United won the game and clinched the trophy. In his five years contract with the club, Ronaldo scored 84 goals in 196 matches.

The “Unstoppable” Cristiano Ronaldo!

In the year of 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo was offered a contract from the world’s richest club with the largest fan base Real Madrid. The contract was for a whopping 94 Million EURO which was the highest for any footballer at that time. Ronaldo continued his stupendous form maybe much more in Real Madrid where he was unstoppable. In his nine years contract, he scored 311 goals in only 292 matches which is still a record. He won all the trophies almost in Real Madrid, 4 champions league,2 La Liga,3 FIFA club world club and 2 Copa del Rey.

Guinness Record of Cristiano Ronaldo!

Then Cristiano Ronaldo signed the veteran Italian club JUVENTUS 2018 for 113 Million EUROS. He continued his legacy in Juventus scoring 81 goals in 96 matches and winning 2 SeriesA titles. Now it’s back to the second home time for Ronaldo 2021, again he signed for Manchester United. He already started his score count in his inaugural match. In his total 18 years of international career, Ronaldo scored 109 goals in 173 matches and has occupied the place in the Guinness Book. Leading from the front, he scored a total of goals when Portugal won their international trophy UEFA EURO CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2016.

Personal Life of Cristiano Ronaldo!

About his personal life, Cristiano Ronaldo crossed many relationships and most of his fans know about it. Ronaldo never married anyone but is a father to four children. The popular football player has a son named Cristiano Jr in 2010. In 2017, he had twins via surrogate mother and in 2017 his girlfriend Georgiana gave birth to daughter Eva.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Records and Honors

Coming to his personal records and honors, Ronaldo won 4 Baloon d’Or(highest by my player along with Lionel Messi), FIFA Player of the year 2008, and FIFA best men player in 2016 and 2017. With these statistics, we can say he is one of the greatest personalities of all time in football history. Nonetheless, there are many other honors he has received.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Philanthropist activities

Cristiano Ronaldo is a philanthropist and helped many during times of need. When Tsunami hit Indonesia, he helped them to procure funds for reconstruction. He has paid for the treatment of terminal cancer for a little boy in Canada. Through this, he will help create awareness about child obesity and aid in eliminating child obesity and hunger. He has also helped people by donating money when the earthquake hit Nepal and killed thousands. A selfie app has been launched by Ronaldo to help the “save the children” charity fund. Via the app children can take pictures with him in different outfits. He is always good at heart, apart from football playing in general.

Cristiano Ronaldo Assets

Ronaldo has a net worth of 490 million US Dollars. Similarly, he is also the only player in football who got to earn huge than expected. Being the highest-paid football player, he is also recognized as the most charitable athlete. He has donated a lot of his earnings to charities. Well, he has a deal with Nike which is worth 1 billion US Dollars and the deal is for a lifetime. He has also released many products in his name including CR7 shoes, CR7 fragrance, CR7 hotels, and CR7 jeans. Likewise, his assets include an island and many properties, cars, private planes, etc. His annual salary is $48 million right now.

A final word about Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is an inspiration to everyone who wants to reach their dreams. He came from humble beginnings and his hard work made him achieve everything he wished for. His life is an inspiration for all who want to become a football stars in the future. On the other hand, we hope our article has given you interesting facts about the prominent football player Ronaldo.

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