DMT Art Can Enhance Your Lucid Dream

DMT art

DMT art

What is DMT art?

DMT art comes from the substance, or chemical, called dimethylaminoethanol, also known as DMAE. It is sometimes also knows as “God’s Milk,” because it resembles the substance produces by the human brain, which can finds in coffee and other types of beverages. DMT is an important ingredient in certain rituals and meditation practices used in some religions. In fact, it was originally develope as a spiritual practice, but some people use it for the visual end product of what is believe to be entheogenic or spiritual art.

DMT comes from:

DMT art is often describe as having a “trip” to the future, or a mind-blowing experience, depending on how you want to perceive it. Oftentimes, people will describe the visuals experienced as being like stepping into a dark room with lit-up candle wax candles, or mushrooms growing in the center of a flower arrangement, only it is coming out of a person’s skin. Other people describe the experience as being like floating in the water or walking in a lucid dream state. DMT is most commonly referre to as a substance find in nature under the surface of rocks, mushrooms, and other natural substances. It believed to be the cause of many documented visions and hallucinations experience during a trip to the unconscious.

How’s DMT affect animal’s brains?

While there is still much debate as to the exact effects of DMT, some scientific research has conducte on animals, both in laboratories and with living creatures under laboratory conditions. One study, published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, compared the brain tissue of Rhesus monkeys who took DMT with those who did not.

The researchers noted that the monkeys who took the substance had significantly greater amounts of serotonin and dopamine in their brains, which are the substances that play a major role in the formation and maintenance of normal brain function. Other areas where the substance appeared to affect brain function were the pineal gland, the retina, the gastrointestinal tract, and the immune system. Many religious and healing organizations consider DMT to be sacred since it was discovered by Native Americans thousands of years ago.

Uses of DMT:

While there are several accounts of DMT being used to alert people to imminent physical dangers, much debate continues to rage as to whether or not DMT is actually effective. Some scientists believe that it is, however, that beings far more advanced than humans did utilize this substance in their early days. Perhaps we are seeing here a prehistoric demonstration of what would become popularly known as “alien abductions.” Perhaps even more fascinating is the fact that DMT has recently been found in dried dinosaur bones, dating from more than sixty million years ago. In these fossils, DMT is believed to have been used as a painkiller for prehistoric creatures when they were injured or sick.

Theories about DMT:

When people first hear about DMT and the alleged connections it has to spiritual and paranormal experiences. They often wonder how this substance could have use by prehistoric creatures long before mankind existed. There are many theories on this subject. For instance, one school of thought holds that DMT is use by dinosaurs to distract their predators.

Another theory is that the substance may use as a food source for prehistoric creatures. Another idea is that the substance activates a powerful magnetic field that travels through the earth. Attracting certain types of electromagnetic radiation from star systems to the surface of the earth. Resulting in the visible light we observe in the night sky. Whatever the case may be, there are a growing number of individuals. Who believe that DMT is some sort of unique, non-formal substance that challenges the very basis of reality.

DMT Art effects on Cat:

Among the most common forms of DMT that experience by humans. Today are those associated with visionary experiences and strange feline behaviors. In addition to cats, reports of strange, hairy beings who spend their time in alcoves, small dens. Or other secluded areas also submit to the DMT forums. These stories usually center on the subject of cats going into protected shrubbery or hiding in trees. Only to suddenly leap out and attack whatever is in sight. While the accounts do vary, they all share the same strange symptoms: the creatures suddenly appear from hiding and attack. Unfortunately, these attacks can often result in serious injuries or even death to the intruder.

Strange stories about DMT Art:

DMT art has also been associate with elusive, yet highly creative entities. Which spend much of their time trap in underground caves and other remote locations. These DMT-ers are saying to frequently come into contact with other alien beings. Who may not be able to see the planet in its entirety. As well as entities that are much larger than human beings.

The majority of these visions are of highly vivid colors. And can seem to generate from a central source, such as an inner spiritual level. The strange part is that while the creatures in the visions may be able to see the entire universe. They seem oblivious of anything or anyone on the surface of the earth. This often results in the DMT artists painting scenes which have the subject looking right into the center of the action. Only to become distracted and begin chasing after or avoiding his or her perceived “capture”.

The creatures also commonly appear as machine elves or machine creatures. There are stories of these entities attempting to communicate with humans, claiming to be “helpers” or “angels”, but in reality. They are merely attempting to steal power through their possession of the human mind. Some of these stories also mention the strange lights these entities leave behind. Which can often be a mistake for car headlights. Many people have claimed to hear voices in their dreams and see strange lights in places they would not expect.

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