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Life Clothing Co

Life Clothing Co

Life Clothing Co was established in 1997 by Melvyn DeVilliers and Nick Cordell. The aim of the company was to produce high-quality, fashionable clothes at affordable prices. Life has expanded enormously since its inception and is now one of the biggest online retailers of women’s clothing in the world. The company is based in Australia but does ship worldwide. It sells a variety of trendy labels such as House of Dereon, Dotty D, House of Mix, Juicy Couture, Jelly Roll, Belly Basics, Fifth Sunday, Cachet, Bapesta, Jellyfish, and many others.

Clothing Available

Life Clothing Co provides free delivery on all orders over $50 and over from its online shop. The women’s clothing on sale on the Life Clothing Co site includes Graphic Tees, tie-dye, hooded sweatshirts, boho jackets, cardigans, face masks, favorites, jeans, t-shirts, shorts, skirts, and leggings. Some of the most popular brands of the brand include Juicy Couture, Dotty D, Bapesta, Jelly Roll, Belly Basics, and Cachet. In addition, they also provide exclusive wear from brands like London Fog, Skirt Mafia, Posh Pants, and more. They even offer a wide selection of men’s clothing.

This women’s clothing line inspires by the “No New York” campaign, which targeted young people in the city. According to this campaign, people outside the city could not find real New York t-shirts and other authentic items. To bring back the authenticity of these items, the company launched its own line of women’s clothing with the same slogan. This new women’s clothing line contains sweatshirts, hoodies, tees, shorts, skirts, pants, jackets, and hats. The prices of each category are based on the manufacturer’s price list.

Ladies Variety

Life Clothing Co

The ladies section of the brand offers a variety of designs for different seasons. For instance, the tees and sweatshirts for the fall have beautiful fashions with bright colors. Hoodies and cardigans are available for the winter season. The collection continues with stylish apparel for spring and summer. The clothing is designed by the renowned fashion designer Anne Hathaway.

Jelly Roll, one of the popular brands of the company, is another one of their clothing lines. It offers both short and long sleeve shirts, sweaters, and shorts. The collection of Jelly Roll has jackets, cardigans, and a skirt. The name of the clothing line is actually an amalgam of Jelly Roll T-shirts and Jelly Roll candies. The candy was created by the artist Jelly Roll Pop and was brought to this company by her mother.

Baby Phat Brand

The Baby Phat brand of women’s clothing is known for its upscale designs and comfortable styles. There are two main categories for Baby Phat clothing – one for evening wear and another for day wear. The collection is designed by celebrity ties such as Rihanna, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Bridgette Williams, and Victoria Beckham.

The brand also offers separates clothing that has various designs. Some of the most popular categories are Skirts, Jackets, dresses, and jeans. The range of clothes offered by Life is also popular among international women as it offers a wide array of international styles.

The Baby Phat line of clothing also knows for its unique designs and quality. The Baby Phat collection has jackets, cardigans, skirts, and tops. It is a perfect choice for those who want to look chic and sophisticated. The jackets and cardigans in this collection always make from faux leather. A lot of attention gives details and the details stitching is very noticeable.

Night Wear’s

Life Clothing Co

The other main category in the Life clothing line is evening wear. The dresses in this section are very popular among women who want to look glamorous on a night out. The dresses in this section have beautiful embroidery and different shades of colors are being used. The most popular color is black. A lot of care is taken with the designing of these evening wear items. They are sure to make any woman feel special.

The women’s apparels from Lifeline also have a great variety. The tank tops are very popular and are in fact, the top-selling apparel by Life clothing. They come in two-piece style and come in two-shoulder pieces. There is also a halter style that comes in two shoulder pieces. These tank tops can be team up with leggings which are also very popular with women.

Other Variety

The other popular item in the line is sexy swimwear. These also call bikinis and makes from beautiful material that makes them suitable for any kind of water sport. They are available in all sorts of attractive patterns and colors. These bikinis have been designing keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the women who wish to look great on the beach. You can check out the various swimwear items at the Life Clothing Co. website.


Fashionable Clothing is very important to days. You need different cloth for different places. Like that’s when you go to a party you will wear beautiful, good-looking and shining dressings. You will show yourself wearing these clothes at a party on the second side if you go to any workplace’s like that’s the office, school or college. You will wear simple and normal cloth. But most cloth you buy is not good, which means this cloth will never shine after washing and some other reasons. So if you wanna buy good looking and brand new cloth’s so bought only the life clothing co store.

Life clothing co provides many beautiful clothes in which available are men, woman and kids clothes. So if you wanna show yourself as perfect modern so wear only the life clothing co clothing. life clothing co is proving many feasibilities lite that online option. But remember that some extra charges include online purchasing orders. Life clothing co are customer-friendly they provide many feasibilities for their customers.

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