What are Some of the Best Pairs of Aviator Sunglasses?



At some point, everyone realizes the importance of wearing sunglasses and starts embracing them. You may start doing so after watching your favorite celebrities wearing it in famous movies like Top Gun or maybe you just want to feel edgy. No matter the reason, wearing a pair of aviator sunglasses adds style to your outfit and also protects your eyes from the scorching and glaring sun. Some of the best shades include:

Ray-Ban Classic

This is an iconic choice that was worn by Tom Cruise in Top Gun. The shades have a thin metal gold frame and there are three different sizes of frames that you can choose from. Ray-Ban Classics also have green lenses which are polarized and provide you with great protection against ultraviolet rays and crystal-clear lenses. You can wear these shades while on vacation with a casual outfit or to business meetings with a slick suit.

Cartier Eyewear Gold-Tone shades

Rappers have a lot of influence in the fashion industry, and they are bringing back this trend that was popular in the 1990s and it isn’t hard to see why. These shades provide a jewelry-like style and come in very flattering and wearable shapes. For instance, these gold-toned sunglasses provide an upgrade from the traditional ones with their premium titanium build, angular shape, and subtle branding. They can be worn in casual wear such as shirts and shorts or with suits and trench coats.

Randolph Shades

For a more luxurious shade, you should try out these sunglasses. They have been made with exceptional craftsmanship and the frames alone have been coated with 23-karat gold. Moreover, it has polarized lenses which will not only increase your vision clarity but also reduce the glare. In addition to that, the temple tips have been carefully designed to offer comfort even when you are wearing a hat. You can pick the lens color that complements your style because there are many to choose from.

Gucci Metal Shades

If you love all things designer, then you will love this one. The shades have gold frames that have been clearly branded with Gucci’s brand colors. The lens will not only protect your eyes but also go well with your outfits as well. The tips of the shades have a cute bumble bee stamp which is a great finishing touch.

Privé’ Revaux Commando

If you want to go easy on your bank account and get functional shades as well, then this is perfect for you. These shades are not only budget-friendly but also very effective in protecting your eyes because they are polarized. In addition to that, there are ten different colors to pick from and you’re sure to find something that complements your style.


There are many types of sunglasses to choose from because they come in all shapes, colors, brands, and sizes. You can get any type of shade depending on your budget, style, and even preference. One thing’s for sure, you won’t miss the shades you are looking for if you choose aviator sunglasses.


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