Celebrities with Herpes

Celebrities with herpes

Celebrities with herpes

Celebrities with Herpes the most interesting fact about diseases is that they don’t believe in the concepts of rich and poor, healthy and sick, black and white, haves and have nots, Europeans and Asians, Urban and rural. Or any other human discrimination. They treat everyone with equity and justice. The same is the case with Herpes.

Celebrities are no exception to it. Being human entities, celebrities also suffer from Herpes. Now the question arises, what is Herpes?  Indeed, Herpes is a disease in which the patient suffers from sores and blisters. There are two types of Herpes i.e. HSV-1, Herpes Simplex Virus 1, and HSV 2, Herpes Simplex Virus 2. In HSV 1, the patient suffers from blisters on lips, tongue, or inside the mouth.

While in HSV 2, the patient suffers the same kind of itching caused by blisters on the penis or vagina. Both these types are infectious. And this infection may transmit from one patient to another by touching, kissing, or sexual intercourse. This disease may cause by; anal or vaginal sex without protection like the use of a condom or any other barrier device. The sharing of sex toys or establishing any other genital or oral sexual relation with the infected person.

The celebrities with herpes are the ones who infect by their near and dear ones. Basically, celebrities sometimes have been given the status of aliens. And common people do not consider them human beings like themselves. Nonetheless, celebrities are also human beings and they can also infect by any ailment through any source. So, celebrities with herpes are a normal thing and it ought to consider very normally.

Here is the detail of the celebrities with herpes

  1. Anne Celeste Heche Celebrity with herpes

Among the celebrities with herpes, Anne Celeste Heche is the one who is an American writer, actress, and director. She has performed in various soaps, crime dramas, and movies. She has revealed in her autobiography that she was infected with genital herpes at the age of 12. And Also makes it clear that she was raped by her homosexual father at an early age. It means that she got the virus from her father.

  1. Celebrity with Herpes, David Beckham

The number of celebrities with herpes may be much more than it is known. David Beckham is also suspected to be one of the celebrities with herpes. furthermore, it is also suspected that his wife, Victoria to is the prey of this irritating disease and it is also said that it is she who played her role to enroll David Beckham in the list of the celebrities with herpes.

  1. Michael Jackson, a Celebrity with Herpes

The list of Celebrities with Herpes also includes the name of the most popular American singer and dancer, Michael Jackson. He was born in 1958 and died in 2009. He was a true king of Pop music.

It was allegedly stated that he was also a victim of Herpes Simplex Virus 2. It is also on record that one of his girlfriends, Shellie Smith litigated against him and claimed that Jackson had infected her with Herpes in the ’70s when they used to have sexual relations with each other.

  1. Jessica Biel Celebrities with Herpes:

Jessica Biel also has been enlisted in the list of celebrities with herpes. She belongs to the United States of America. She got her fame due to her singing, modeling, production, and acting. The good thing about her herpes is that she is not suffering from genital herpes or Simplex Virus Herpes 2. But she has become the prey of HSV1 which infects you when you allow someone suffering from HSV1 to establish physical contact with you. In more simple words, it infects you when you kiss someone carrying the virus.

  1. Britney Spears celebrity with herpes:

The name of a famous singer, Britney Spear, has also been allegedly written among those celebrities who have been suffering from Herpes. It has been contended that someone saw her buying a medicine known as Zovirax from a drug store. Zovirax is a medicine that is used to cure herpes.

And the experts are of the opinion that Zovirax is a drug, more efficient and fruitful drug as compared to the other drugs available in the market, that cures the itches and sores caused by herpes and the patient feels much relaxed as soon as it is used. If the above-stated information is true, it can also be deduced that most of the celebrities with herpes use Zovirax to calm themselves.

  1. Derek Jeter celebrity with herpes:

Derek Jeter, having a lot of scandals in the world of Hollywood, has been alleged with the charge of transmitting HSV1 and HSV 2 to most of the female actresses and models and making them a member of the community of celebrities with herpes. These days he is the CEO of Miami Marlins in Major League Baseball.

It is also said that it is he who for the first time introduced this infectious disease in the world of Hollywood. The burden of The transmission of herpes to various beautiful, sexy, charming, and attractive actresses including Jessica Biel, Scarlet Johansson, Vanessa, and Mariah Carey supposedly lies on his shoulders. Thus he made all of them among the celebrities with herpes.

  1. Katie Holmes celebrity with herpes:

Katie Holmes, one of the celebrities with herpes, was born in 1978 in America. She got fame as a beautiful actress, a perfect model, and an astonishing filmmaker. Most of her fabulous and sensuous photographs reveal a horrific sore on her lips and that’s why it is in the air that she has been suffering from HSV1 for several years. No doubt, as it is common to other celebrities with herpes, Katie also wants to hide this news.

  1. Scarlett Johansson celebrity with herpes:

Scarlett Johansson is one of those celebrities with herpes who infect by Derek Jester. It is the same Derek Jeter whose name with some distinction is mention above. It is asserted that it is Derek Jeter who is the main source of Herpes’ spread among the celebrities with herpes. Nonetheless, it was in the air that Scarlett soon got recovered and got rid of this infectious disease.

  1. Mariah Carey celebrity with herpes:

Mariah Cary, another celebrity with herpes, was an American singer. She wrote songs, performed as an actress and a producer. It was also a rumor that she infect with Simplex Herpes Virus by Derek Jeter.  So, Maiah Cary is also one of the celebrities with herpes.

  1. Tony Bennet celebrity with herpes:

Tonny Bennet is a singer who is also part of the celebrities with herpes. He was born on August 3, 1926, in America. In 1986, a woman charged him that he transmitted her the Simplex Herpes Virus. However, he defended the charges against him and litigated against the woman on the basis of defamation.

Having probed into the matter deeply, one may jump to the conclusion that Tonny Bennet might not be one of the celebrities with herpes but his name is still included in the list of the celebrities with herpes.

  1. Robin Williams celebrity with herpes:

Robin Williams is a well-known American celebrity with herpes. He worked as an actor, served as a producer, offered his services as a director, composed lively and humorous scripts, and also sang songs. In the early ’80s, his popularity was touching the pinnacles of skies.

During the same period, a waitress claimed that she had been infected with genital herpes by Williams. It is assumed that he settled the case with the lady on his own without the involvement of the court. That’s why the suspicion about him being one of the celebrities with herpes gets stronger.

  1. Pamela Anderson celebrity with herpes:

It is contended that she, Pamela Anderson, Infect with Simplex Herpes Virus by her ex-husband, Tommy Lee. She got fame being a Canadian-American actress. She has also work as an activist, model, and writer. Most people know her due to her frequent appearances in Playboy magazine. Resultantly, her name is also included in the “Celebrities with herpes”.

  1. David Hasselhoff celebrity with herpes:

The next celebrity with herpes is David Hasselhoff, ‘The most-watched man on TV’. He is a famous American showbiz personality. His ex-wife, after passing 16 years of matrimonial life with him, revealed that she has contracted the virus from him. Furthermore, she also revealed that it was genital herpes.

So, the celebrity with herpes, Mr. Hoff, listened to his wife saying, “David… you are still pretty cool, we’ll try and forget the virus you contracted.” She gave vent to these feelings when David, the celebrity with herpes, divorced her.

  1. Brad Pitt celebrity with herpes:

The famous personality, the protagonist of Titanic, Brad Pitt belongs to America, and Herpes has not even spared him. It is in the air that he was suffering from Herpes before he marries Jennifer Aniston.

Normally, celebrities with herpes often tend to hide that they are suffering from Herpes. The same is the case with Brad Pit. He, being one of the celebrities with herpes, also tried his best to conceal this but somehow the news got spread among the masses like wildfire.

Conclusion of celebrity with herpes:

Apart from these celebrities with herpes, there are also other actors, models, producers, and showbiz personalities. Who have to infect by Simplex Herpes V 1 or 2. Michael Vick, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Alyssa Milano, Justin Timberlake, Kate Moss, Orlando Bloom, Rehana and many more than the names are written here have had herpes.

These famous people are also human beings and should deal with them in the same way. Normally, people consider it queer for a famous personality to be the carrier of the Simplex Herpes Virus. They have stigmatized them as Celebrities with Herpes. However, the fact is that they live in the same society and have the same risks of becoming the victim of a disease as a common man.

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